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Your Fortune in 2016

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How has the last year been for you? I am sure many have had a wonderful year and have benefited greatly from the year of the Yin Wood Goat. Personally, I have travelled a lot and had many work opportunities.

We are now entering the Year of the Yang Fire Monkey and I hope you are feeling excited and positive about it. I am anticipating more travel this year, as the Monkey sign is also one of the four Traveling Stars in the Chinese zodiac.  

So, what can we expect this year? Yang Fire is a welcome element as fire suggests positivity, excitement, optimism and growth. Monkeys are active, clever, interesting, resourceful, innovative and witty. They are always on alert, which allows them to anticipate problems and get out of trouble quickly. It’s certainly going to be an interesting year! Read the Lunar Zodiac section in this book for a general overview of your sign, as well as your month-by-month prediction.

I am very proud that this book is now in its 10th year. I would like to thank all readers for supporting my publications, as well as my friends and associates who have supported me through the past decade. After 10 years of authoring this Your Fortune series, I have to say it’s still fulfilling and exciting. I feel very blessed!

I wish everyone in Singapore and around the world a year of good health, happiness, prosperity and every success.

Gong Xi Fai Cai!

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