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Your Lunar Zodiacs in 2015

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How has the year of the Horse been for you? In Your Fortune 2014, I warned that conflicts in some parts of the world would arise and spread like fire: we can see this from the problems in the Middle-East. While there have been several nasty situations exploding around the world, there are also many positive signs and events. The Commonwealth Games and the World Cup are the two main events that have captured the attention of the world. The property market, as predicted has been busy, and the Stock Market has had it’s high moments.

Personally, It is definitely a year that has been active, exciting and with many new beginnings. 2014 for me has expressed many of the characteristics of the Horse: elegant, popular, a lively nature, love of personal freedom, travel and a change of environment. These characteristics pretty much sum up the year for me as I have moved from my Riverside Point office to Peace Centre; begun travelling to Australia, New Zealand and England for event participation and giving public talks. All these I feel must have been induced by the positive influence of the Yang Wood Horse.

So, what will the year of the Yin Earth Goat bring? We know that occupying the 8th position in the Chinese Zodiac system is the gentle, creative, intelligent Goat. Therefore it is my wish that those parts of the world in conflict will find ways to regain peace and harmony so that they can also benefit from the goodness this Goat year will bring.

With the birth of this edition, Your Fortune in 2015, I am reminded that it has been nine years since I published the first edition, “Your Fortune in 2007”.  In several forms of Numerology, the number 9 is a special number. Some of its meanings that are significant to me are: active, determination and completion; but this completion does not signify an ending but a beginning of another cycle of 9 years of publishing.

Wishing all my readers and everyone a year of fruitfulness, good health, joy and success.

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